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Kaos basically forced to use North Korea as antagonist in Homefront, says former employee

Former members of Kaos Studios have opened up to Gamasutra regarding what went wrong at the studio, and the reasons behind the closure of the Homefront studio.

According to a source of the studio which didn't wish to be named, stating that despite the creative input of former core boss Danny Bilson, the studio "didn't exactly deliver."

"[Bilson] got very involved during the middle of our production. I really can't slam the guy... He gave us a great opportunity and all the resources to accomplish it. We didn't exactly deliver," said the source.

The only decision the studio wasn't too keen on was making North Korea the antagonist in Homefront, when originally, the team wanted the invaders to be China.

However, THQ was worried over the potential conflict which might have occurred to its business in China. The result, according to the source, was a "demoralizing" atmosphere over being forced to use North Korea.

Employees said Bilson did a good job helping Kaos with the game's story and creating hype, but he lacked experience with gaming mechanics, which frustrated the design team.

You can read the entire feature through here.

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