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EGX: Marxist Handpuppet Interrupts Trade Show

Sonic! Devs! Gaming celebs! Nobody is safe from the Red Fox!

So listen reet. I went to EGX last weekend with my sidekick, Daft Connor. He only wanted to play Sonic Frontiers cos he’s daft, look out for an upcoming video preview of that along with some hands-on impressions of other stuff we looked at like Goat Simulator 3, which you’ve heard of, and Shadows of Doubt, which you haven’t.

whoever this is, they don't work at Sega
Whoever this is, they don't work at SEGA.

We accosted Zoe and Ian from Eurogamer to ask them what they were playing at, and Mike Channell from Outside Xbox gave us a tantalising glimpse into the decadent lifestyle afforded him by all that YouTube cash. It was like an episode of MTV Cribs except we were stood on the balcony of an East London conference centre and the only luxuries on offer were a load of Diet Coke cans in a mini-fridge, and he didn’t let us have one.

vg247 podcast bins
Our live podcast occured near some bins.

We spoke to one of the developers of House Flipper 2 and confirmed that you don’t need to play the first one to understand what’s going on. We also confirmed shortly afterwards that security wanted us to leave the House Flipper 2 booth. But Connor flashed them his Gold Wristband and while they were reeling from the revelation that we were in gainful employment with the organisers of the event, we scarpered.

EGX was great as ever, not just because of the games on the show floor, but because of all the live events like Oxventure, The EGX Pub Quiz, and of course (the best one) VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast Live, which I’m reliably informed had more people in the audience than on stage, shattering expectations.

Listen. Is this enough words, Dom? I’m knackered. Do you have any idea how hard it is to type when you can’t sit on a chair on account of someone’s elbow, and your paws are made of felt?

daft connor
Daft Connor has filed a complaint to HR about me calling him Daft Connor.

EGX will be back next year!

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