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Ian Livingstone talks Batman delay, Hitman, Kane and Lynch 2


Ian Livingstone has said that Batman: Arkham Asylum was delayed for the right reasons in order to maximize the game's potential.

"We’re expecting review scores in the 90s and clearly when you have an amazing game like Arkham Asylum, you want to maximise its potential" he told GamingIndians. "So we think it’s worthwhile going that slightly extra distance to make it the game it has to be. We’re immensely proud of what we’ve created so far.

"Rock Steady's done an incredible job, we’ve got to 100 percent realise that dream that we have and not disappoint at the last minute. So we’re going that extra mile to make sure it’s going to be the game we think it’s going to be.

"We’re delaying it for the right reasons and no one is going to be disappointed because we’ve put in an enormous effort into it. For example, there was one person working on nothing but the cape for two years, so there are over 700 animations and sound clips attached to the cape alone. That’s why it looks so beautifully realisitic."

There is a megaton of information in that interview. Your head will hurt afterward.

He talks about Kane and Lynch 2 targeted for September, the movie adaptation of the first game starring Bruce Willis, says the next Hitman game is currently being worked on by IO Interactive, teases the next Thief and discusses the possibility of a third Tomb Raider movie.

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