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Horizon Forbidden West shows off new armor and new machines in new trailer

Horizon Forbidden West got a new trailer at The Game Awards, showing off new stealth mechanics, new armour and more besides.

Guerrilla Games made a quick appearance at The Game Awards 2021 by introducing a new gameplay trailer for Horizon Forbidden West. The trailer wasn't as in-depth as some of the development diaries we've seen in recent weeks, but it did show off some new gameplay biomes we can expect to explore when the game launches in the new year – and it even gave us our first look at a selection of new costumes and face paints.

The most notable thing in the new trailer is the variety of garbs and getups Aloy gets to dress up in – there are a few looks you may recognise from the first game, alongside some brand new aesthetics, too.

Check out the new trailer below.

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The keen-eyed amongst you might even notice there are a fgew new machines in the mix, too. Our personal favourite is that big mechanical snake – a feat of engineering in itself, the way it moves (and the threat it no doubt poses) just seethes threat. Lovely.

There's also a quick glimpse at large, lumbering mechanical mammoths, monkeys, pterodactyls and many more besides. Here's hoping we don't have to kill all of them, ey?

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Guerrilla Games recently delayed Horizon Forbidden West to February 18, 2022, nudging it back from its previously planned holiday 2021 release window. The game will launch on both PS4 and PS5, despite the publisher formally saying it would be a PlayStation 5-only release.

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