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Homefront to get multiplayer demo, confirms THQ's Bilson


THQ core boss Danny Bilson's confirmed to VG247 it will release a multiplayer demo of Homefront.

Bilson, speaking to Nathan Grayson, didn't go into more specifics about it, however.

"We’re gonna keep doing free demos on stuff going forward where we really want to engage players," he said when speaking about bite-sized titles - ala Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and THQ's own Red Faction: Battlegronds - ever replacing demos.

"I mean, there will be a Homefront multiplayer demo. I believe there will."

Bilson continued:

"We really do things by what we think would be coolest and what would engage the most people. We’re not counting every penny, because I don’t think you can win like that.

"You have to build a really strong fanbase that’s gonna be fans of our IP and fans of our games and – if we’re really lucky – fans of THQ, where they look at our brand and say, 'Wow, there’s a THQ game coming out and I know how they are on quality.'

"I think that’s what we worry about."

Multiplayer impressions of the Kaos shooter emerged earlier this week. Catch up on our preview for it here.

Bilson also told VG247 it's already planned out how the sequel will go.

Homefront releases next March for PS3, 360 and PC. Get the second part of our interview with Danny Bilson here.

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