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Hi-Fi Rush on PS5 and Switch looks more likely, and for once it's not Phil Spencer's t-shirt that gave it away

It would be mighty night if 2023's Game of the Year made its way to other platforms. Just saying.

Hi-Fi Rush food court fight with Invaders Must Die soundtrack
Image credit: Microsoft

Dataminers have gone to work on the Hi-Fi Rush Anniversary update, and have pulled out several rad T-shirt designs out from the files. However, while the cosmetics are a welcome addition, a select few appear to point to the rumoured Nintendo Switch and PS5 ports being more than just hearsay.

The two shirts in question are the blue "I'm here baby" and red "Rock Out Anywhere" tees, both theoretically colour-coordinated to each console and plastered with messaging that indicates a port. Obviously, these aren't cosmetics with 'PS5' slapped on in big bold writing, so it's still not a sure thing. Be sure to take it with a grain of salt, even as the evidence piles up.

These t-shirts were dug up from a miner by the name of Random-cattai on Tumblr, who first shared the designs online. There are nine shirts in total displayed in the original post. The idea that the shirts are pointing to real-world factors is wider than just console ports - for example the "be positive - overwhelmingly" shirt may very well be refering to the Hi-Fi Rush's Steam rating. It even has the same light blue on black colour scheme as the Steam store.

This isn't the first time Xbox-related reveals have been given away thanks to pesky t-shirts. Phil Spencer notoriously would hint towards upcoming games with the shirts he'd wear at E3 and other live shows. This was the case with Battletoads back in 2015, and specualtion about his apparel still persists to this day, even if he insists his wardrobe isn't hinting at anything.

I'll tell you what, a Hi-Fi Rush port to other consoles would be absolutely mint. The game is excellent. We wrote about it in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek way in our GOTY article but joking aside it's action game honey - sickly sweet and the sort of game you can slap in front of practically anyone with positive results. If PlayStation and Switch are getting Hi-Fi Rush then they're in for a treat.

If Hi-Fi Rush does come to these platforms, will you pick it up? Let us know below!

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