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Heroes of the Storms welcomes new players with XP boost

Wanna try Heroes of the Storm? Now's a good time to start.


Heroes of the Storm developer Blizzard wants brand new players to jump in and have a go with its beginner-friendly MOBA.

To this end, all new players who log in and have a go before 7:00pm PT on August 4 will receive a free Stimpack - a seven day XP and gold boost item designed to help them unlock new characters faster.

On top of that, a post points out that those who bring in and party up with friends on their first visit will get a 50% friend bonus to XP.

Heroes of the Storm is pretty newb-friendly; your progression doesn't rely on a bunch of items and the meta isn't as inflexible as some other MOBAs. If you can get a mate to walk you through four first few matches it'll be a big help, though. Take advantage.

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