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Heroes of the Storm update helps separate newbs from veterans

Heroes of the Storm continues to make itself friendly to MOBA beginners.


Heroes of the Storm has been updated with a change to matchmaking rules: each player’s total number of Quick Match games played into account when creating teams.

The idea behind this change is to ensure that players are more likely to meet opponents close to their own experience level, making it significantly less likely that you'll be steam rolled by a crew of veterans during your early experience with the MOBA.

"The new rule will not prevent all instances in which new players can be matched with veterans. As an example, this can still occur when a party’s members have mixed levels of Heroes of the Storm experience," community manager Spyrian wrote in a forum post.

"Additionally, this change may result in increased Quick Match queue times as the matchmaker searches for players with a similar number of games played to your own."

Heroes of the Storm is positioned as a more accessible MOBA than its rivals, having ditched item-based progression and customisation.


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