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Everyone's having a big old cry over Hearthstone Druid nerfs today

Something has happened in the baffling world of Hearthstone.


Everyone's having a big old cry over Hearthstone Druid nerfs today

Hearthstone was all over my Twitter feed this morning as the countless ranks of my card battling obsessed pals expressed their horror and outrage at the latest batch of balancing changes.

This is what happens whenever there's a rebalance, of course, so maybe you'll applaud the changes. In general, the thrust of the rebalance appears to be the nerfing of several cards. Blizzard's avowed intent is to inject some variety into frustratingly predictable Druid builds.

To this end, Ancient of Lore now offers on card draw instead of two. Force of Nature has had multiple changes; it only costs five mana now, but Charge has been dropped in favour of permanent Treant summons. Keeper of the Grove has dropped from 2/4 to 2/2 to make it less of a no-brainer.

Cards with Silence and Removal have been given a working over, making them more expensive and less effective, so that opposing players feel like playing expensive minions is a gamble rather than a guaranteed waste of time.

In happier news, Innervate and Wild Growth remain unchanged.

Beyond Druids, Blizzard has nerfed multiple neutral minions, to encourage players to use class-specific cards. You can find all the details of the changes in a new blog post.

A new Hearthstone expansion will release next week, by the way.

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