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Halo Infinite reviews round-up, all the scores

Following the successful launch of the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, will the rest of the game hold up to fan's lofty expectations?

It’s finally time! With the review embargo for the Halo Infinite campaign having lifted earlier today, all of the biggest gaming websites are publishing their impressions of Master Chief’s latest adventure on the Zeta Halo. To help you figure out whether the full game is worth picking up, we’ve created this reviews round-up so you see the bigger picture.

You may already be invested in Halo Infinite thanks to the multiplayer beta launching a few weeks ago. While the game was met with a high player count on launch, it has been plagued with several issues including its challenge-based progression system which has gotten the community riled up.

With that being said, there has still been a lot of hype building up to the full games release, with 343 Industries peppering us with trailers and sneak peeks. With the recent campaign launch trailer hitting especially hard.

Feast your eyes on our round-up of reviews below for Halo Infinite:

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