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A Halo Infinite glitch is erasing save files and ruining multiplayer

Players report having their campaign progress completely erased on the penultimate mission.

After waiting patiently for Halo Infinite for the last six years, Master Chief is back and better than ever. Yet despite its glowing reviews and the countless players enthralled by Infinite’s multiplayer, a new save corrupting glitch has started to ruin the fun. Reported by players on Resetera and the Halo Waypoint forums, the glitch seems to cause players to reload the game in third person, before eventually proceeding to lose their save file entirely.

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Both Xbox and PC players seem to be affected, it seems that there is a log-in related issue that erases your save file entirely. According to Resetera user 99humanity, after respawning in the third person mode and either clipping through the floor or floating around like the ghost of Christmas past, an Xbox sign-in prompt will appear. It will then prompt players to click “Let’s go” in order to log in. There’s only one problem – you’re already logged in. If you see this box tempting you, be sure to avoid it entirely. As you are already signed in, clicking the prompt to force the login process again appears to glitch your login, corrupting the save file.

Interestingly, the same user did some digging and managed to replicate the glitch by doing the following on PC:

  • Plugging in a second controller.
  • Your controller disconnecting.
  • Switching from wired to Bluetooth connection for controller.
  • Remaining logged in on Xbox when playing on PC or vice versa.
  • Using quick resume on Xbox whilst playing another game with multiple people signed into the same account.
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As well as breaking the Halo Infinite campaign, it appears that this bug can also affect multiplayer too. In matches having clicked the same log in prompt can cause players to spawn through the floor mid-game. Thankfully, the same user has uploaded a handy video that will help players to avoid the potentially game-ruining bug.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have yet to acknowledge the issue.

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