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Halo 5 was not the end of Microsoft's pre-E3 announcements

Xbox 360 and Xbox One fans have more than Halo 5 to look forward to ahead of E3 2014.


When Microsoft announced Halo 5: Guardians for Xbox One last week we assumed it had shot its pre-E3 load a little early, but it turns out the platform holder has more treats in store.

According to Xbox and Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer on Twitter, Microsoft intend to ladle out a few more tasty surprises in the lead up to the June show.

Spencer said that showing off things like Halo 5 now will give Microsoft more time to focus on other stuff.

I can't imagine what could be bigger and more important than Halo 5, but on the other hand, we know what we're getting with Halo 5. Microsoft doesn't need additional time to explain the concept. Whereas if it has something more avant-garde on the cards - well. That's kind of exciting, right?

Goodness know what Microsoft will bring to the stage, but we do know it won't be PC games - although Spencer did say to stay tuned on that front over the next few months as Games for Windows closes down.

We'll probably see some more Kinect experiences, though, despite Microsoft's decision to unbundle the Xbox One and Kinect.

This year, we've been promised new IP as well as sequels, more games and less talk, and the best line-up Microsoft has delivered in years.

That said, not even Microsoft knows precisely what it's bringing to E3 2014. You might be surprised to learn that companies generally don't have their E3 line-ups sorted until pretty close to when the show starts, but it's true.

E3 2014 kicks off with Microsoft's press briefing at 9:30AM PDT on June 9.

Thanks, Gematsu.

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