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Halo: Master Chief Collection to be enhanced for Xbox One X, Halo 5's final update detailed

Microsoft and 343 announced a whole bunch of Halo news overnight.

The publisher confirmed that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will in fact receive an enhancement patch for Xbox One X. Alongside this upgrade, 343 will deploy fixes for issues left untouched since the game's disastrous launch.

The updates will also "modernise" many of the game's systems, according to 343. These fixes will be tested with the help of the community, with the first wave to kick off in the spring of 2018.

For Halo 5, 343 shared details about the Overtime content update. Alongside delivering 4K Xbox One X enhancements Microsoft promised, the November update also brings new content to the game for everyone. This includes the return of Oddball mode, complete with new medals and voiceovers.


Overtime brings a number of balance changes to the game's entire roster of weapons. You can read more about them here.

Finally, 343 will allow players to host their own private LAN parties in Halo 5. This will be done through a Windows 10 PC that acts as a dedicated server. A new app called the Local Server app is what will manage this setup.

More interesting is that the app can be used to create custom LAN servers with custom game types, rules and maps. The PC and all consoles will still need to be online, but all gameplay data will be transferred over LAN.

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