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Halo 5: community-made maps added to Breakout playlist

Halo 5 players can now dive right into the best of Forge-made maps directly from official playlists.


Halo 5: Guardians has been a much livelier place since the December update added Forge, with all sorts of weird and wonderful maps and modes coming out of the woodwork.

It can be kind of hard to figure out which maps are worth investigating, and to find other players to check them out with you - but 343 Industries has come to the rescue. late last week it collated a batch of Forge-made maps and threw them into the official Breakout playlist.

This addition was the last major event of the January season, apparently. Community material will be featured in the February 2016 Breakout playlist, too, and players will be invited to vote for their favourites to be included.

A rundown of the first batch of community maps is available on Halo Waypoint.

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