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Halo 4 special edition 360 hardware went through "dozens of iterations" - new shots

The special edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 went through "dozens of iterations," 343's said in a new blog post, which involved "hundreds of changing elements". If you're going to get it right, get it right, we guess.

"There were dozens of iterations with hundreds of changing elements, but it’s kind of a continuum of progress and refinement," said the developer.

"We landed on the final design as we went through all of the goals – create a Forerunner-themed object that differed significantly from prior consoles (which is why we ended up with translucent gray plastic – in part to differentiate from the simple metallic finish of the Reach console, which would have been an obvious direction otherwise)."

Halo 4 feature Forerunner technology and enemies. The special edition hardware's to cost £269 in the UK. It was announced earlier this month. Head through here for loads of new photos.

Halo 4 releases on November 6.

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