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Halo 4: Monday update will add Hivemind & Lockdown mode, four Forge maps & more

Halo 4 developer 343 Industries has published details of its next Monday update, including the new Hivemind mode, as well as four maps created by the game's Forge community. get the details here.

The latest Halo Update on Waypoint explains that the Big Team Skirmish playlist will be added to matchmaking from July 1, and adds Big Team capture the flag to maps Longbow, Ragnarok and Complex, Big Team King of the Hill to Exile and Longbow, and finally Big Team Regicide to Complex and Settler.

To create balance in Flood mode, 343 has will add a new Hivemind game-type on July 1 which sees Flood characters killing other players in two hits instead of one.

The post says of the mode, "We endeavored together to create a Flood game type in which a player did not feel disadvantaged for spawning as either Flood or human; a balance between the two was crucial. The idea of a Flood player killing in two hits was adopted early on, along with the removal of Armor Abilities and the choice of every human's starting weapon, the beloved MA5D Assault Rifle.

The mode was created alongside creators in the Forge community, 343 added, and continued, "Many great community Flood maps were polished to compliment the game type, which we eventually dubbed 'Hivemind' in honor of how it was developed"

The July 1 update will also add new Forge maps to Hivemind matchmaking; Payload by Narb Guy, Drillsite by Pa1nts, Temple by Mr Pokephile and Repression by Auxi Klutch.

Finally, the Dominion playlist will get a new match type called Lockdown that sees teams fighting for control of a central base and adheres to the following rules:

  • Score to win: 100
  • Capture Points: 0
  • Standard Capture Time: 1
  • Fortified Capture Time: 5
  • Fortify Points: 0
  • Fortify Time: 15
  • Resupply Points: 10
  • Resupply Frequency: 25
  • Last Stand: False

let us know what you make of the above changes in the comments.

Thanks OXM.

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