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Halo 4 dev reflects on pressures of Bungie's shadow

Halo 4 executive producer Kiki Wolfkill has shed light on how 343 Industries took on the challenge of such a large franchise after being handed the keys by Bungie.

Speaking with CVG, Wolfkill said that there was a sense of 343 being the underdog from the outset, "Everyone stepped in to this knowing how big a challenge it was going to be."

"We knew the pressure was going to be there", she continued," and ultimately we put the most pressure on ourselves to deliver something that we believed in and the fans could believe in. It absolutely empowered us."

"I think there was a sense for us as kind of being the underdog as well," Wolkill added, "which I think was part of the emotional motivation behind the team, because everyone who came to 343 had a certain level of success - and in some cases a lot of success. So this was an achievement that was really meaningful."

Regardless of whatever pressure there may have been, Wolfkill is confident that Halo 4's critical success will drive 343 Industries on to strive for bigger things going forward, "I think it has definitely earned us a little more credibility in pushing things some different ways if we decide to."

"I think the fans and the community needed to understand that we cared about Halo as much as they did," Wolfkill concluded, "and that we cared about giving them something great. I feel like we have that confidence and I think that always gives you a little bit more flexibility in the future."

Halo 4 saw a lavish midnight launch bash in London last night. If you missed it you can watch the festivities again here:

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