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Halo 4: Crimson Map Pack download causing some players to get banned

Halo 4's first DLC expansion the Crimson Map Pack is causing some players to have their accounts banned, following a workaround for War Games pass players who were supposed to get the content for free. Get the details below.

Kotaku reports that Halo 4: Limited Edition buyers, as well as War Games season pass holders were supposed to get the Crimson Map Pack for free on December 10th, but that they were still being charged.

Microsoft then offered a workaround that remedied the issue, but has led to many players seeing their accounts banned from play as a result. It's not an outright account band however, but does prohibit some areas of Halo 4's online play.

As you'd expect it's got a lot of people annoyed, and a Halo forum moderator offered the below reply to angered players over the weekend:

"We are not permanently banning players for previewing or purchasing the Crimson Map Pack. We are currently investigating the recent reports of permanent matchmaking bans.

"We will provide further updates tomorrow. Thank you for your patience."

Not entirely helpful, but we'll update once Microsoft and 343 offer an actual solution.

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