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Half-Life 3 won't be a VR game, says Valve

Valve's Chet Faliszeck spoke at EGX today and of course someone asked him about Half-Life 3.


In a Q&A session following his talk on VR, one member of the audience cheekily asked if Half-Life 3 would be a VR game.

"No," he replied.

He then spoke about how VR headsets will not be going wireless anytime soon due to the bandwidth problems (two screens need to refresh 90 times a second, basically. You need cables for that).

When asked about the Half-Life 3 question again by the same person, he joked "I said 'no'."

Was it a serious question from the audience? We'll, it was certainly genuine and we've all thought about it. But was it a serious answer?

When it comes to the near-mythical Half-Life 3, who knows.

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