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Half-Life 3 development teams spotted on Valve database - report

Half-Life 3 believers will be delighted to learn of an alleged minor security breach outing the existence of two Valve development teams working on the project.

According to Reddit users and Gematsu - a reliable source - Valve's User Picker software was publicly accessible earlier today.

The software grants access to a staff database meant for internal use and is no longer available, but before it was pulled from public access screenshots were captured showing two Half-life 3 development groups.

According to these, the core Half-Life 3 team has ten members, with a further 46 in the extended team.

The news follows on from a European trademark for Half-Life 3, and will no doubt generate the same level of excitement.

Historically, these kinds of hints and clues have surfaced every few months since 2007, when the last core Half-Life product - Half-Life 2: Episode Two - shipped. So far, they haven't panned out, and Valve doesn't seem to be in any hurry to deliver. That said, it would be quite a coup for the company's new hardware to ship with such an anticipated title.

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