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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will reset player progress ahead of open beta

Don't fret - there are plenty of rewards to make up for it, and any Kegs you bought will be returned.


Gwent: The Witcher Card Game has been in closed beta since October last year.

If you've been itching to get involved, then the wait will be over soon. CD Projekt Red has announced that the closed beta will be coming to an end and detailed the transition to the open beta.

Closed beta players will have their card collections and progress reset so that everyone starts out on an even playing field. That means your player level, Ore and Scraps will plummet back down to nothingness. But it's not all bad news; you'll have any Kegs that you bought with real money returned to you.

In other news, the Nilfgaardian faction goes live today, so get pumped for that.

Everyone that participated in the closed beta can also look forward to some special treats, detailed by the devs as follows:

  • Every Card Keg you purchased — we will return you the amount of Kegs you bought with real money
  • Card Kegs for Player Levels — starting from level 5, you get 2 Kegs every 5 levels
  • Card Kegs for your rank — 2 Kegs for each rank
  • All end-season rewards
  • All items granted as gifts from CD PROJEKT RED (like the gift premium Geralt card)

In the meantime, everyone who signed up for the beta in 2016 will get access to the beta by the end of this week, with additional invites to follow.

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