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Guy completes Fallout: New Vegas without healing or using health-regen items

More than a year ago, a Youtuber going by the name Jon set out on the near impossible task of finishing Fallout: New Vegas (and three of its DLCs) without using any form of healing or health-regen items.


Today, he's finally managed to do it.

Jon's been uploading his adventures to his Youtube channel called "Many A True Nerd" religiously every week for the past 45 weeks (that's almost a year and he skipped a few weeks due to sickness and holidays).

Titled "You Only Live Once", the feat is insane and not many people thought something like this was ever possible. However, with his experience and knowledge of the New Vegas world, Jon has achieved what's considered the hardest New Vegas play-through to date.

If you've been following his videos, you'll know that he plans his every move and takes advantage of the game's faction system in order to avoid hostile situation or have the groups fight for him. He's also known to choose options which gives out peaceful outcomes even if that means bad consequences for the gameworld.

Here's the full playlist if you want to follow his adventures from the get go. You can watch the final part - where he actually manages to beat the game - below.

Watch on YouTube

Via, Reddit.

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