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Guardian gives "mundane" No More Heroes 2 2/5, Edge gives 7/10


The Guardian's flown in the face of public opinion on No More Heroes 2 today, giving the Grasshopper slasher - which is currently enjoying an MC rating of 86 percent - an eyebrow-knotting 2/5.

Edge Online just put the mag's review live, in addition, awarding the game 7/10.

The Guardian didn't mince its words:

Saddest thing is that even the violence, the game's USP, feels fairly mundane after a while. Ironically, the inclusion of the mini-games almost serves to shoot No More Heroes in the foot – demonstrating that all the blood, spit and polish in the world may get you so far, but ultimately it's the playability that'll kill you.

The Wii exclusive's out this week, and is looking like the last in the series; Suda 51 told C3 recently that there's "no plan" for a third game.

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