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Suda: Ideas for No More Heroes 3 compared to diarrhea


Suda 51 has compared the team's ideas for No More Heroes 3 like a case of diarrhea purging the body.

Seriously, Goichi. Enough with the bowl movement analogies. You are no longer in middle-school.

Speaking with The Guardian, what Suda said is pretty much self explanatory.

"With No More Heroes 1, the idea came when I was literally sitting on the toilet, he said. "It was the result of trying to empty my bowels, if you like.

"With No More Heroes 2, I tried to get rid of whatever was left in my bowels, and luckily it happened. What we are hoping to do now with No More Heroes 3 is probably to digest everything we eat, and then purge absolutely everything in our guts, just like diarrhea."

No. Words.

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise releases for 360 and PS3 on April 15 in Japan.

Via Joystiq.

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