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GTA Online: Smuggler's Run update is now live on PS4, PC, Xbox One

GTA Online's next major update has gone live today on PS4, Steam Rockstar Warehouse and Xbox One, and images of the new vehicles have already begun to appear online.

The Smuggler's Run update for GTA Online lets players build up a smuggling operation in much the same way they have with the CEO, the Import/Export business and the Biker updates, this time using aircraft as your primary means of transportation.

The update, which is about 1.6GB in size, includes a stack of new aircraft, a new adversary mode, and a reworking of the air races to make them more dynamic, with more options coming later in the year. You can see the prices for all the new aircraft and cars right here.

Aircraft can be fully customised in a Hanger workshop, from engine upgrades to weapons, including cluster bombs.

Although the update hasn't yet gone live (expect it in about 2 hours from the time of writing - so around 10am UK time) details have begun to leak, with FoxySnaps grabbing the first look at a range of craft, from attack choppers to a microlight.

Check them out below.

It's not just new aircraft featured in Smuggler's Run though. It seems there's a number of four-wheel vehicles dropping in the update, including the Vigilante, clearly modeled on the Batmobile.

Players will be able to buy a hanger in Fort Zancudo to store their craft and use as their base of operations - don't expect them to be cheap.

Players will be able to store a Lazer fighter jet too, and none of these vehicles will be dropped off by Pegasus Lifestyle Management so you'll need to have a hanger to keep them.

We'll update with more GTA Online: Smuggler's Run details throughout the morning.

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