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GTA Online Diamond Casino & Resort: Bonus GTA$ and RP Rewards this week

Grab a suite and some poker chips, you're heading to the casino in this week's bonus reward event.

It’s that time once again GTA Online players! We’ve got a look at the latest weekly event taking place in Rockstar Games’ online crime sandbox. This time around, it’s a good time to test your luck as we’re heading back to the Diamond Casino for a vast selection of GTA$ and RP boosts.

The main draw is that players who complete The Diamond Casino Heist’s Finale anytime between November 18 and November 24 will get their hands on the Red “The Diamond” Classic Tee, free as a bonus cosmetics if you log in shortly following December 2. You can also grab a free Bugstars Burrito from the Warstock Cash & Carry store this week, so be sure and grab this unique set of wheels while you can.

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If you want some major cash and RP rewards this week, there’s a X2 modifier on Casino Work Missions and Casino Story Missions. To take these tasks up, you’ll need the master penthouse at the casino. Once you do you can call Ms Baker or head to her office to complete the Casino work and story missions.

It doesn’t stop there! Triple Rewards are present in the Diamond Adversary Series until November 24, so you should dash down there and get your dukes ready for a brawl if you wanna make a profit.

In addition, if you were unfortunate enough to buy GTA The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, you can ease the burn of doing so by redeeming a free jumpsuit for GTA Online. Sort of like a wearable sympathy pin! Logging in this week will also provide a free cosmetic attachment for the Bravado Banshee called the Weekend Racer Livery.

Moving onto miscellaneous double rewards, players will be able to earn double reputation rewards in Car Meet Sprint events, so if you’re hot behind the wheel it’s worth hitting the streets for the boost. Alternatively, if your head is in the clouds rather than in and around engines, there’s a bonus for GTA$ and RP for Drop Zone.

Shifting quickly to cars, the prize ride this week is the Vapid Dominator GTT, which you can earn by pulling out first place finishes three days in a row in LS Car Meets. So if you’re good enough, you can grab this awesome muscle car and add it to your collection.

If you want to try out a new set of wheels, the Car Meet test track is offering a free ride in the Emperor Vectre, Dinka Jester RR, and Pfister Growler. If you’re looking to spend some cash on a fancy new set of wheels, this is a good way of picking out your next purchase.

Wrapping all the way back to the Diamond Casino, there’s a new car available on the podium this week. The Pegassi Zorrusso is a hypercar able to reach ridiculously high speeds, so it’s a valuable vehicle to get a hold of if you’ve got a lucky touch.

Finally, we’ve got weekly discounts. The primary price reductions are a 35% shrink to the price of the Diamond Casino Master Suite and its upgrades. If you want to look the part, all Casino clothes also received a 40% cut.

Then there’s the vehicle sales, which are as follows:

  • Annis S80RR - 40% off
  • Progen PR4 - 40% off
  • Invade and Persuade RC Tank - 40% off
  • Maxwell Vagrant - 40% off
  • Karin Everon - 40% off
  • Western Rampant Rocket - 40% off
  • Enus Paragon R - 40% off

There we have it! That wraps up the weekly bonuses for you to take on, so be sure to hit the slots and rob the house once you’re done. If you’ve missed the recent news surrounding GTA The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, the game is back on PC after it was pulled by Rockstar. Now, the game has all unintentionally included assets removed. These files included music tracks, the Hot Coffee mini-game, and internal development notes.

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