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GTA IV launches worldwide - reports, pictures, men buying games

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As you're about to be made very much aware, Grand Theft Auto IV has now launched globally, and the retail reports are starting to trickle in. If pictures and words about men buying games is what you want, today is the best day ever.

  • First off, we went down to GameStation and Game in Worthing, UK last night, took some pictures and watched a nervous store manager get even more nervous when 300 people turned up. See photographs of drunk men living the dream right here.
  • GI's just posted a piece on launches up north and down south in the UK, including actual names and quotes from real people. It includes stuff like this, and is therefore worth reading: "'I'm all about GTA. I've been waiting for months, I pre-ordered as soon as I could,' said 23 year-old John, who'd been queuing outside of Stafford's GAME store since 11:00pm."
  • MaxConsole's posted a solitary shot of people queuing up for the game in Leeds, UK. The bleakness is positively post-modern.
  • Joystiq's posted the first US "pictures of men outside shop" piece at the moment, and it's a cracker from Baltimore. Slightly baffled Americans in the dark will always win out.
  • Another one from the US courtesy of Joystiq, this time from Huntington, West Virginia. No men pictures in this one, though.
  • Kotaku's woken up now, posting a piece on the launch from two GameStops, one in Roswell and one in Alpharetta, both in Georgia. Lots of men in queues pictures there, and also a pizza photograph: commendable.
  • Joystiq's posted another one, this time from Massachusetts. The story's got a map and a lovely blurry picture of a queue. Sterling stuff.
  • Shots from a Las Vegas GameStop, thanks to Chris Ainsworth, Petroglyph’s community manager. Great queue pics, nice blur.
  • Shots from Brighton GAME and GameStation, courtesy of Eurogamer's Chris Ward. Sensational street queue shots. And here are some words to go with them.
  • Martin Taylor's GTA buying experience report from Brighton: "Got up at eight, had a shower and a cup of tea, walked into town, walked into HMV, was the only person in there, asked for a copy, got a copy, handed over £50 in old vouchers, didn't pay a penny, then came to work. Everyone's saying its really hard to get hold of: I don't think they've though of HMV, because they've got shitloads."
  • Joystiq just posted some shots from a GameStop’s midnight opening in Oklahoma. There’s a great “man looking like owl” picture there, so worth a nose.
  • Boomtown's reported from Tesco and Asda launches in London, but failed dramatically in the photograph department. It's as much as we can do to type.
  • Launch photos from Miami, Scotland, New York, New Jersey and Manhattan, rounded up by Kotaku.
  • Launch photo from Tulsa, Oklahoma, thanks to Xbox360Fanboy.
  • Launch photos from Mississauga, Ontario, courtesy of Xbox360Fanboy.

We'll keep updating this throughout the day. Apparently Dan Houser turned up at Game in Kingston, London last night, so if you've got any pictures or words, send them to us. Just send us pictures and words of your GTA launch "experience" wherever you are, even if it's just you and your mum getting drunk and killing hookers. Send us photos, and we'll post them.

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