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GTA 5's Japanese debut was franchise's best to date

Grand Theft Auto 5's Japanese first-week sales were the best the franchise has experienced to date.

As previously reported, GTA 5 shifted 360,115 copies on PlayStation 3 and 26,612 copies on the Xbox 360 in its first week.

Drawing on Media Create data, Siliconera reports that it's the highest debut for a GTA game in Japan, with a sell-through of 85.71% on PS3 and 92.57% on Xbox 360.

2008’s Grand Theft Auto 4 sold 132,676 copies in its first week on PS3 (78.77% sell-through) and 33,648 copies on the Xbox 360 (62.80% sell-through). The best-selling debut for a GTA: Vice City in 2004, selling 246,000 copies on PS2.

GTA 5 is breaking sales records everywhere - and not just in games, but in entertainment media in general.

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