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GTA 5 will make $437 million from DLC, microtransactions - analyst

GTA Online's microtransactions won't make another $1 billion for Rockstar, one research firm has argued, but it and DLC will add significantly to the game's revenues.

In a new report, Superdata predicted that GTA Online microtransactions will bring in about $93 million over five years.

DLC sales will generate another $344 million, the firm added, for a total of $437 million in sales of secondary digital content on top of the game's ticket price.

Microtransactions have limited profitability for Grand Theft Auto 5 at the moment, Superdata said, because Rockstar's fanbase isn't familiar with the business model, and the developer has been careful to make them non-essential. The firm believes fewer players will buy into the optional content than would be seen with a free-to-play title.

"This isn't the game's next billion dollars, as some have supposed microtransactions will make Take-Two. It is, however, a successful foray into the microtransaction world for a console title," the firm said.

GTA 5 brought in over $1 billion in just three days.

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