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GTA 5 players refused to get their hopes up for a GTA 6 reveal... until today

The day has come when fans could finally celebrate without fears of bogus leaks and fake news.

Update: Now that Rockstar has officialy conirmed that a GTA6 trailer will be coming in December, fans are finally able to celebrate the upcoming reveal of the GTA6 in December. And they are... en masse.

While reports about an imminent GTA6 reveal are swarming around the internet, there remain some GTAV players who refuse to get their hopes up. For these sorry few who've been burned before, only an official statement from Rockstar itself will get them excited.

This kind of cautious rhetoric can be found throughout community hubs for Grand Theft Auto, such as Reddit, where the reports of GTA6's imminent announcement were spread far and wide.

"Even still... I won't believe it till I see's it!" states user 8deftones6 on their post to the GTA Online Reddit, where much discussion on the potential reveal is taking place. This is a sentiment echoed by numerous other posters who find themselves keeping hype in check. The top reply, written by user mebeingnosy, is equally to the point: "I’m not getting my hopes up until I hear something from Rockstar themselves."

But why the pessimism? GTA6 - as one of the most highly anticipated games in-development for years - has had its fair share of fake leaks, bogus rumours, and various other industry no-show stories circulate around. Pulling off anything even vaguely GTA6 related has proven a surefire way of getting online clout, such is the mass of excitement for Rockstar's next open world criminal adventure.

These, sprinkled in with some accurate leaks and reporting here and there, has led to an understandable culture of disbelief within the GTA community. This culture is so strong that even the current wave of announcement-related news having credible sources like Bloomberg's Jason Schrier, it's not enough to tempt some folks back into excitement. They've been burned too many times, it seems.

There's a lot to be excited for. Not only has Rockstar brought the modding team being GTA Roleplay on board, they've also managed to steadily build hype through occasional official statements here and there on the game. It's a shame about the hack that leaked some early screenshots ahead of time, but even with that happening there's plenty of room for hopeful speculation for the longtime GTA fan.

Let us know what you're hoping to see from the GTA6 reveal later this year? Are you letting yourself get excited?

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