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GTA 5, Mortal Kombat X, Titan Souls: new releases for the week of April 13

What are you going to spend your cash on this week? Here's all the games releasing over the next seven days.

First up there's two really big releases hitting store shelves this week.


Grand Theft Auto 5 finally makes its debut on PC, more than 18 months after release on Xbox 360 and PC.

It may have been delayed more times than the Heists DLC, but it's already looking pretty damn stunning and comes with some exclusive features, such as the Director mode. It's available April 14.


This week also sees the return of ultra-violence with with Mortal Kombat X on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It's looking as nasty as you'd expect.

The review embargo for Mortal Kombat X is up at 10pm GMT so come back for a full round-up of scores if you're still on the fence about it. And check VG247 tomorrow for a chance to win a copy of the game, a console to play it on and a whole load of streaming video.


If you like your games hard you're going to want to check out Titan Souls, due on PC, PS4 and Vita April 14. It's a mix of Dark Souls, Shadow of the Colossus and old-school Zelda. From the preview code we played it's good. The review embargo lifts at 2pm GMT today so check back with us later for a round-up.


And finally, Goat Simulator's back, this time on Xbox One. Not sure if we can recommend this, but if you like goats then I'm sure it's a must by. Baaaaaah.

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