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GTA 5 guide: best GTA Online missions for cash and RP

There's plenty of RP and cash on offer in GTA Online, but some Jobs pay out much better than others.



You'll never rank up quickly competing in races, but taking part in Missions with other players is where you'll find the bigger cash payouts, RP rewards and fun.

Here's 15 of the best Missions that payout well and our guide to making sure you come out the other side alive with a bulging wallet.

Note: the amount of RP and cash awarded depends on a number of factors for each and every mission. If you want to calculate your reward, check out this wiki page.

General tips

  • Although some Missions are only available to higher ranked players, it only requires one player in the online session to have reached that rank and launch the mission.
  • The amount of cash and RP you earn depends on a number of different factors and is not set in stone. Time is also a factor. Playing with people on your Friends list and in the same Crew as you will increase the amount of cash and RP you earn.
  • You can increase the difficulty of each mission to pay out 1.25 or 1.5 times the rewards. Do this.
  • A lot of Jobs are available from the pause menu but some are only available at certain times of the day, after finding the right mission point on the map or calling a particular contact.
  • It appears that some missions are currently unavailable as the game has transitioned to the Xbox One and PS4 consoles. This may be due to Rockstar limiting the type of online play to ease congestion on the online servers.
  • If you know of any Missions that stand out for RP and cash, please tell us in the comments section. This isn't a definitive list, rather the jobs that pay well and are a lot of fun to play.

GTA 5 guide: best GTA Online missions from 1 - 25 for cash and RP

San Andreas Seoul
Unlocks at Rank 16


This job isn't hard so much as it can be a real chore if you're not careful.

You need to steal a tanker full of gas and take it to Murrieta Heights. When you get to the location in Little Seoul get in the truck and ignore any dudes who want to have a fight. Immediately turn left and drive over the little bridge into the alley, when the truck fits with a tight squeeze. You'll have a wanted level of 2 stars but if you sit here for a minute that should be enough to shake the cops entirely. Then just take your time and drive up to Murrieta Heights.

If you can't shake the cops straight away, just try and get some distance between you and them and get the tanker off the main roads to hide in an industrial area or smaller alley. Do not pull any weapons on the cops as there's a risk they'll shoot your tyres out. If your tyres burst you're fucked as the tanker is slow as hell and has a big turning arc. The only advantage of a tanker is that you don't need to steer around traffic - just smash straight into it if it's in your way. No one can argue with a truck like this.

Crystal Clear Out II
Unlocks at Rank 16

gta_5_ps4_xo (30)

Make sure you're tooled up for this job and you'll earn big cash and have some fun. Get plenty of ammo and the best body armour you can afford. It helps to have an off-road vehicle too.

Your objective here to is to kill two groups of rednecks. Head to the first site marked on the map and kill the rednecks - use any propane canisters to your advantage. Then head over to the second site and do the same thing there. There's no big surprises but make sure you use cover as usual.

Factory Clear Out
Unlocks at Rank 18


You need at least three players for this so it's a good Mission for Crew members as it does require a little team work. You need to steal a truck loaded with motorbikes and deliver it to a lock up in the Grand Senora Desert.

Before the mission begins you'll need to divide up the roles of Transporter, Sniper and Lookout. It doesn't make a big difference although the Transporter does need to be the one delivering the truck to the lock up, and the Transporter is the only one who can see the location of the lock up.

Make sure you're all tooled up and approach the factory. You can come at it from the factory fence on the north although this isn't recommended. There's entrances on the east and west side, but again, this is a little too obvious. It's far better to find the ladders on the south side and climb up to the roof. This spot gives a good advantage when taking out the guys guarding the Packer truck.

When you've dealt with the guards, grab the truck and head to the lock up. You'll come under fire and pursuit from a few more enemies, so brace yourself. As the truck moves slowly it's better to stop and take them out with firepower then carry on your way, rather than trying to outrun them.

Handle With Care
Unlocks at Rank 20

gta_5_ps4_xo (22)

This can be a tough mission as there's so many enemies so make sure you have a full Crew if possible. You must break into the offices of the Pacific Allied Shipyard and steal some coke, then jump in the nearby speedboats and take it along the coast to a rendezvous point.

All you really need is plenty of ammo, a weapon with a decent scope and a cautious approach. Taking out the guards around the outside of the building isn't too taxing, but be careful inside as there's plenty of them, some of which are high up on the walkways. Move from cover to cover and pick them off from a distance. Once you get to the higher floors and grab the coke another bunch of enemies will storm the shipyard, so you have to fight your way out and over to the speedboats.

On your way across the sea you'll be attacked by more enemies in boats so try and have one guy driving and one shooting in each boat. You need to get both boats to the rendezvous point so if only one of you makes it he/she will have to go back and get the other.

Unlocks at level 25

gta_5_ps4_xo (39)

This is an easy mission. Kill some dudes, steal a truck full of weed, deliver it to Trevor's spot.

Head over to Braddock farm and kill the guards at the gates. One of the enemies will jump in the truck and try to escape with the weed. Wait near the bridge for him to drive your way and fill him full of lead. Now take the van and drop it off at Trevor's. Note that the tyres of the van are bulletproof so don't waste your bullets. Easy.


GTA 5 guide: best GTA Online missions 25 - 50 for cash and RP

Note: the amount of RP and cash awarded depends on a number of factors for each and every mission. If you want to calculate your reward, check out this wiki page.

High Priority Case
Unlocks at Rank 25

gta_5_ps4_xo (40)

You need to steal a briefcase but it's located and guarded on a rooftop, so for this mission you need a helicopter and scoped weapons. If you've got sniper rifles it's a breeze.

Go and steal any helicopter from the Vespucci Heliport (or LSPD roof if you're feeling brave), and fly it to the Maze Bank rooftop. From here you can snipe all the enemies on the roof where the briefcase is. Once they're down, get back in the helicopter and land it on the opposite roof to get the briefcase. A few more enemies will spawn so be ready.

Once you have the case and you're back in the heli, get on over to Lester's warehouse in Murrieta Heights. Jobs a good 'un.

Base Invaders
Unlocks at Rank 27

gta_5_ps4_xo (6)

This is one of the toughest missions in GTA Online so we recommend 4 players here. You basically need to steal a Cargobob from Fort Zancudo and deliver it to Sandy Shores airfield. Arm yourselves with explosives and body armour.

Go and pick up Ron's Velum plane and land it in Fort Zancudo. This place is riddled with soldiers so get straight on with the job. Use whatever explosives you have to blow up the Lazers otherwise they'll follow you and take you down.

Once they're dealt with head straight to the hanger and kill everyone in your path. Soldiers respawn endlessly here, so don't think you can hang around picking them off. Shoot and move, shoot and move. Get in the Cargobob and escape, to deliver it to the airfield. It's unlikely all four of you will survive this, so consider having one player prioritise stealing the Cargobob while the others soak up and dish out bullets. Remember: only one of you has to finish for you all to win and profit.

Blow Up III
Unlocks at Rank 31

gta_5_ps4_xo (14)

This two player mission is simple - destroy a load of vehicles for Simeon and get back to his dealership.

Make sure you're tooled up and have plenty of explosives. Head over to the docks and kill the guards, then nuke all the vehicles. As you escape (or as the last vehicle explodes) at least two more SUVs will turn up with more guards. You can either try to escape if you're in something fast, or take them out for a little extra RP. Get back to the dealership and it's all gravy.

Crystal Clear Out III
Unlocks at Rank 40

gta_5_ps4_xo (31)

Blow up 3 meth labs and kill all the Los Santos Vagos to win this. You'll need plenty of firepower and an off-road vehicle will help.

This mission isn't very taxing, just remember to use plenty of cover and keep your wits about you. The first two meth labs are at Sandy Shores close to one another, the third is in Grapseed. Kill any and everything that gets in your way for maximum RP.

Unlocks at Rank 50

gta_5_fp (6)

This mission seems more complicated than it actually is as it appears the objectives change. You need to take down an informant in Fort Zancudo and deliver a briefcase to Madroza. It'll probably take you a few attempts before you get this right.

Don't use a helicopter or plane to enter Fort Zancudo as you'll be shot to pieces. Instead, pull up the map and pinpoint Fort Zancudo on the West of the map. Drive there along the Great Ocean Highway and when you come out of the big tunnel to the West of Fort Zancudo drive right off the road and up through what looks like a sewage treatment plant. On the other side of that are the fences to Fort Zancudo. You can't break them down but you can launch yourself off some dirt mounds nearby to get over the fence. Or if you have a truck you can park against the fence and just climb over.

As always when you're in Fort Zancudo, do not hang around. Head to the parked jets because as you enter the informat escapes in a plane. You need to get in a jet and fly after the informant to shoot him down. Once the informant is dead you get a message to kill the district attorney, who's driving south of the base in a black car. Blow the DA to pieces using the jet's weapons, then parachute to the ground and collect his briefcase.

You'll probably have some cops on your tail so shake them off and deliver the briefcase to Madrazo in town.

GTA 5 guide: best GTA Online missions from 50 - 100 for cash and RP

Note: the amount of RP and cash awarded depends on a number of factors for each and every mission. If you want to calculate your reward, check out this wiki page.

The Parking Garage
Unlocks at Rank 55

gta_5_ps4_xo (16)

This mission can get messy but basically you need to steal plans from a bunch of crooks in a parking lot in Pillbox Hill.

Arm up and enter the parking lot with one of your chaps on a rooftop nearby to snipe enemies. Once all the enemies are dead, grab the document and drop it off at Lester's warehouse in Murrieta Heights. Avoid any cops rather than getting snagged up in an uneccesary gunfight.

Judging the Jury
Unlocks at Rank 65

gta_5_fp (9)

You need to kill eight jurors for Madrazo but you can make it a little easier than it first seems.

Make sure there's at least 4 of you on this mission and split up to kill the first four jurors. They are unarmed and easy to kill but all in different locations. Communication is key here. Now once you're given the locations of the other four jurors be aware that they are guarded by police and you'll all be given a 3-star wanted level.

To save time, one of the team should head to Madrazo's place - to complete the mission it only requires one of you to have shaken the cops entirely. While one of you concentrates on ditching the LSPD and the wanted level, the others kill the remaining jurors and try to stay alive. The player who first ditches the wanted level gets to Madrazo and completes the mission.

Diamonds are for Trevor
Unlocks at Rank 70

gta_5_ps4_xo (13)

You basically need to pick up a bunch of diamonds and drop them off under a bridge, but the gang-bangers protecting them are pretty tough so don't get cocky.

Head to the back alley and kill all the enemies to grab the diamonds once they're down. Get over to the jetty where Trevor's boat is waiting and head to the drop-off point. To the left just a little way out from the beach is a float with a bunch of jet skis on it. A couple of you should get out here and brace for a helicopter attack.

Take out the chopper, then get on the jetskis (they are two-seater so one should ride on the back) and shoot any enemy boats that try it on as you escort the speed boat to the rendezvous under the bridge. Don't think you can outrun the chopper in a boat - always make a point of taking it down.

Chopper Tail
Unlocks at Rank 70

gta_5_ps4_xo (12)

This is another mission that requires proper team work and a full gang of players to pull off easily. You need to trail a chopper to a meth lab, kill the cops and deliver some equipment to Trevor.

Trevor has parked a bunch of dune buggies in Senora National Park for you and asks you to trail a chopper to find out which of his meth labs its going to fly to. It turns out it always flies to the meth lab in the Great Chaparral, so you don't actually need to trail the chopper, you can outrun it and get there first - drive via Route 68.

When you do get there you'll meet the LSPD and they're heavily armed. Take them out and steal the Granger with the equipment in it. As you escape you'll be attacked by a police SUV and a police bike, so be sure to put them down too. Drive the Grainger to Trevor's trailer and you're all done.

Trash Talk
Unlocks at Rank 81

gta_5_ps4_xo (8)

Explosives, explosives, explosives. That's what you need to complete this mission successfully. You have to destroy garbage trucks, and then some more trucks, kill all members of the gang and the boss.

Track down the 4 garbage trucks around the city and destroy them with sticky bombs. Be prepared to hide from the cops between each attack otherwise you'll be tailed and harassed by the LSPD almost constantly. Once they're all destroyed, get over to the warehouse in El Burro Heights.

This is a good old-fashioned shoot out. Kill all the gang members and blow up the five trucks as well. Once this is done the boss will try to escape. He's unarmed, so track him and kill him to complete the job.

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