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Grounded: Spade Gulch location and Complete the Marker Quest

We show you where Spade Gulch is so that you can head to the Complete the Marker quest objective in Grounded.

The final story mission in Grounded tasks players with travelling to an area called Spade Gulch to 'Complete the Marker'.This area is not marked on your map and given how easy it is to get lost, you may need a little bit of help. That's where we come in, as we've put together a guide on exactly where to go to find Spade gulch and finish the Complete the Marker objective. We'll mark it all clearly on the map so that you can get this mission done and earn some Raw Science in the process.

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Grounded Spade Gulch Location

Spade Gulch is located in the Eastern part of the map. Its main landmark is a big spade and a large valley containing acorns and a rather aggressive, acid-spewing beetle (more on beating this enemy here). Head to the location marked on the map below to find Spade Gulch.

Here's where to find Spade Gulch | Jake Green/USG

How to Complete the Marker

The main reason for venturing into Spade Gulch is to complete a marker set by the robot that gave you the quest. Head down into the gulch and you'll find a flashing blue marker. Hold X to complete the mission. You'll get some Raw Science for your troubles.

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