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God of War sells over 23 million copies while sequel Ragnarok gets an interesting commercial

Stiller as Kratos.

Sony announced in its latest financial report that 2018's God of War has sold over 23 million copies worldwide.

The figure is up from the 19.5 million reported in October 2021.

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"In terms of first-party software, we plan to release a new popular franchise title, God of War Ragnarok, on November 9," said the firm

"The previous God of War game released in 2018 was one of the biggest titles ever released exclusively for PlayStation, selling 23 million units cumulative to date. We expect similar performance from this new title as well."

Speaking of God of Ragnarok, Sony has released a commercial for the title starring John Travolta, Ben Stiller, LeBron James, and their children. Check it out above.

The ninth installment in the series takes place three years after the 2018 release and finds Kratos and his son Atreus facing a series of events that bring about the end of days and the deaths of some of the Norse gods.

It finds Fimbulwinter, a great winter that spans three summers, drawing to a close, thus kicking off the prophesied Ragnarok. In the game, Kratos and Atreus will travel the nine realms trying to find a way to prevent the event while also trying to uncover answers behind Atreus' identity as Loki.

It's out next week on PS4 and PS5.

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