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GFWL Marketplace update hitting November 15


Microsoft plans to relaunch Games For Windows Live as a web-based store on Monday, adding Marketplace to the title.

A software update for the online service will also happen November 15, along with loads of other stuff listed below.

Voice Codec Upgrade

  • New higher quality voice codec used for in-game chat, private chat, and voice messages to align with the Xbox 360
  • All GFWL enabled games will get this upgrade and use the new codec including PC->PC in-game chat, messages, and private chat

Windows Live ID Upgrade

  • Updated version of Windows LIVE ID that handles user credentials during logon. The new system uses the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant that is shared by Messenger and other WLID enabled applications
  • The Windows LIVE ID Sign-in Assistant is now required and is installed as part of the update

Per-Title 5x5 LIVE Access keys

  • Per-Title 5x5 LIVE Access keys are tied to a specific game, but not a specific PC or LIVE Account. Prevents keys from being shared between GFWL titles but allows more than one Gamertag to play the game on your PC
  • New GFWL Enabled Games will either use Per-Title 5x5 or SSA (Server Side Activation) for LIVE Access Keys as decided by the game’s publisher. Previously released GFWL titles and keys will still function as they currently do.
  • Activation limits for Per-Title 5x5 keys are the same as previous non-SSA GFWL titles.

More information along with known issues can be found on the GFWL forums.

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