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GDC: World of Darkness will be "as real as it can be", says EVE Online creator

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The mastermind behind progressive and forbidding Icelandic MMO Eve Online, Reynir Hardarson, has said that the company's second game, World of Darkness, will follow in the space-based title's steps of having a 'real-world' financial model and will be primarily community-based.

"The key is human interaction," Hardarsson said of his MMOs, talking to videogaming247. "World Of Darkness shares that vision."

Like Eve, which has realistic resource and economic models, World Of Darkness would about "being as real as it can be," he said.

Hardarson is now building the second CCP studio in Atlanta, after the merger of the company with World Of Darkness owners, White Wolf. The contemporary vampire fiction will now be the subject of CCP's second title. When asked whether the World Of Darkness MMO would follow in Eve's footsteps, or take the rather more popular World Of Warcraft route, Hardarson well as the technology, that had made the Icelandic MMO so effective.

CCP will release no further details of the game at this time, nor a release date. All Hardarsson would say was that the new game would as much of a leap in ambition for the company as releasing the MMO from scratch was when they started.

Hardarson has previously said that he believes MMOs should be continuously evolved by their developers over decades, rather than years. When asked whether Eve Online could still achieve new things he said, "Absolutely, we will just keep building on top of it.

"MMOs do not have to age. The nature of a game like Eve is that there is no need for sequels – why shouldn't it run for fifty years?"

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