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Didn't watch Furiosa in cinemas? The first 10 minutes are free to watch online so you can see if you made a mistake

You could always still buy a ticket too.

Furiosa stood in a cave with three men stood behind her.
Image credit: Warner Bros

If you're one of the many people that didn't watch Furiosa in cinemas, but are still curious about it, you can watch the first 10 minutes for free right now.

While Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is still generally in cinemas, even if showings are starting to dwindle, earlier this week the Anya Taylor-Joy led prequel arrived on video on demand, meaning you don't have to make the local trip to your cinema to check it out. But of course, whether you are thinking about going to the cinema to watch director George Miller's latest, or you're happy to watch it at home, it'll still cost money no matter what choice you end up making. Lucky for you, US movie ticket company Fandango is letting you watch the first 10 minutes completely for free.

Conveniently enough, those entire 10 minutes (or 9 minutes and 53 seconds if you want to be annoying about it) are available to watch right on Fandango's Twitter, so you don't even need to sign-up for anything. It is Twitter though, which isn't exactly known for its high quality video service (as much as a certain CEO might want it to be for some baffling reason), but you could always pretend it's kind of like the good old days when people would upload five minute clips of anime in 360p on YouTube.

While the critical response to Furiosa was overall quite positive, it pretty much flopped at the box office. On a budget of $168 million it's only made back $168.2 million, which, now I'm not very good at maths to be clear, doesn't sound great. There's always the chance that its digital release could bolster its underperformance at the box office, but it doesn't suggest there'll be much of a future for the Mad Max series. There is meant to be a black and white cut of Furiosa just like Mad Max: Fury Road, so let's just hope that lives to see the light of day.

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