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Frame-rate concerns caused Batman: Return to Arkham's delay to November "at the earliest" - report

The Batman collection may be further away than we thought.


Revealed at the end of June, Batman: Return to Arkham was supposed to come out this month.

A couple of short weeks after announcing it, and one month from launch, publisher Warner Bros. surprised everyone by announcing a release delay. Unfortunately, Warner couldn't provide any other release window, which definitely doesn't bode well.

Now, multiple sources have told Eurogamer that the collection's new release window will be November, at the earliest. If the developer couldn't make this window, the collection's release target could move to early next year.

According to the same sources, the reason for the delay has to do with the quality of the ports, with frame-rate being a major concern. Warner is seemingly going to be extra cautious with third-party ports, following the Arkham Knight PC version debacle.

Return to Arkham includes remastered versions of Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, including all add-ons, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONe. Warner Bros. Montreal's Arkham Origins is missing, but it's not hard to see why.

The new versions are said to be built in Unreal Engine 4, with support for better textures and lighting. Although a couple of non-official comparison shots surfaced after the initial trailer's reveal, they did not always show the supposedly updated games in better light.

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