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Epic is working to remove boob physics from Fortnite, saying it was "unintended" and "embarrassing"

Must. Resist. Filthy. Boob. Wordplay. The world’s most popular game - one that’s played by millions of kids - now has jiggly virtual breasts. This is gonna end well…

Update: Epic Games responded to VG24/7 about its breast physics update, and it seems the entire thing may have been an accident. "This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship. We are working now to fix this as soon as possible."

As we mentioned in the original story, Fortnite was supposed to have breast physics before Epic Games removed the feature. But if the code was simply deactivated and not deleted, it could have been activated accidentally. Either way, you should expect it to vanish by the next patch.

Original Story: Fortnite Season 6 is now out in the wilds, and though it obviously wasn’t mentioned in the most recent patch notes, it looks like booby physics have snuck into the battle royale phenomenon.

While the addition of pets and a new Battle Pass is swell and all, no amount of cutesy cartoon dragons is gonna save Little Timmy when his mum walks in on Jiggle Fest 2018.

The freshly moving mammaries were spotted by a member of Fortnite’s Faze clan, who shared a gyrating gif of the offending bazongas on Twitter:

Previously, female breasts in Fortnite were completely static, just as Video Game God intended. Now though, it’s clear Epic has decided to shake things up with virtual gravity.

Calamity, who appears in the video above, is wearing the new Western Wilds costume, though she can eventually be upgraded with a coat that obscures the wanton breast movement. Still, we’d be shocked if outraged parental groups don’t force Epic into a hasty gaffer tape-focused patch before the kids unlock more sensible garments.

As Reddit discovered last month, jiggling boob physics briefly made it into Fortnite, before being swiftly yanked.

Members of Fortnite’s official forums, such as ‘MrpoopybuttO’ and 'ICBPenguin', are no doubt doing jigs around their mothers’ basements at the chestal developments.

Cheers, PCGN.

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