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Fortnite designed with all types of players in mind, says Epic

Epic's Cliff Bleszinski has said Fortnite was designed with all types of players in mind: shooter fans, RPG nuts, crafters, soloists, and those who like a more cooperative experience.

Speaking with Polygon, Bleszinski said the game will also appeal to those who are an "ADD gamer"; those who jump from one form of playstyle to another, and a term he applied to himself.

Good thing there's "not just one way to play" Fortnite, because according to Bleszinski, "you could play this game without ever getting attacked," lending further credence to his "play your way" design mantra.

"I've been banging that drum on all of our products," he said. "There's not just one way to play it, which internally sometimes we struggle with. 'Are we a shooter? An RPG? A building game?' We can be all of that.

"I'm an ADD gamer. One minute I'll collect and scavenge and explore. The next minute I'll want to crush whatever's in front of me. We've got the killing thing down at Epic. We know how to kill bad guys. If you want that, that's still in this game. But opening this up to wider audiences is really exciting."

While Epic is still keeping many aspects of the game close to its chest, Bleszinski let a few details slip regarding resource gathering, and the enemies players will be up against in the game - which for all intents and purposes, aren't zombies, but "zombie-like."

"There is some risk involved to the scavenging right now in the current design," he said. "Depending on how you break down a wall, you might break down a wall and find something behind it.

"We're intentionally keeping a lot of it vague on purpose. What we're hoping is that we have a lot of in-world storytelling that people can piece together and solve these mysteries. Now we're in a world of wikis, YouTube and forums where, if we leave the pieces of the puzzle out there, the collective hivemind of the Internet will put it together."

A beta for Fortnite is expected sometime in 2013 on PC, and it will apparently allow plenty of modding, because Bleszinski said he's "absolutely salivating to see what the mod community does," with the game.

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