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Former Titan Quest devs working on new Diablo-style RPG


Crate Entertainment has announced its currently at work on a new action-RPG similar in style to Diablo called Grim Dawn.

Formerly team members at Iron Lore, the creators of Titan Quest, the game's in the early stages of development, but when complete with have skill trees, exploration and a heavy emphasis on loot.

The game uses an "improved version of the Iron Lore engine and toolset" which was used to create Titan Quest.

With Grim Dawn, Crate's attempting to "better perfect the magical formula of exploration, character advancement, and loot collection pioneered by Diablo".

Here's the blurb:

Players will be thrust into the dark, war-torn world of Cairn where a once proud empire has been brought to ruin and the human race driven to the edge of extinction. Cairn has become ground zero of an eternal war between two otherworldly powers, one seeking to use human bodies as a resource, the other intent upon destroying the human race before that can happen. This cataclysmic war has not only decimated human civilization but is warping the very fabric of reality and, in its wake, giving life to new horrors.

Currently, its planned for digital distribution on PC and the team's taking pre-orders now - which could get your name put in the credits.

Hopefully, some screens will be released for it soon.

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