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Five new The Last Guardian screenshots show off how far it's come in seven years

The Last Guardian is finally going to happen. Let's gaze at its strange and extravagant beauty.


The Last Guardian has been in active development since 2007, making it about nine years old - and that's not including creator Fumito Ueda's initial brainstorming way back in 2005. We first got a look at it during E3 2009, so by the time The Last Guardian releases in October, we will have been waiting for it for over seven years.

We're all pretty excited to see how The Last Guardian turns out after rumours of a pretty troubled development, so every new asset Sony cares to release is going straight into our eyeballs. Enter these five new screenshots.

The new screens were posted to Facebook (via Gematsu) unfortunately, so they've probably been crunched to heck and back. Even so, The Last Guardian in 2016 on PS4 is a very different beast than the one we saw all those years ago - as you'd expect, of course.





Originally intended as Team Ico's first PS3 game, The Last Guardian follows on from the much-lauded PS2 classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Seemingly combining elements of both games, it has a lot to live up to - which may be why it's been in development so long, although there have been rumours it needed to jump to PS4 to achieve Team Ico's technical ambitions.

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