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Fire Emblem Three Houses Monastery - Dining, Fishing, Greenhouse, Everything You Should Do

Here's our complete guide to the Monastery in Fire Emblem Three Houses, including how to unlock Share a Meal, the Greenhouse, Fishing, and everything you should do in a day.

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, the Garreg Mach Monastery is going to be your home and base of operations. There's plenty to see and do around the grounds of the huge building, including interacting with your students and undertaking quests. In this complete Fire Emblem Three Houses Monastery guide, we'll be walking you through unlocking everything within the Monastery, including the Dining Hall, Greenhouse, Fishing options, and more.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Monastery Exploration Guide

When you're first dropped into the world of Fire Emblem Three Houses and allowed to explore the Monastery for the very first time, there isn't a lot available to you. This is because you've got to manually undertake quests for various characters in order to unlock functions like the Greenhouse and the Dining Hall. Check out our sections just below on unlocking both features, and how they can be useful for you.

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Fire Emblem Three Houses Dining Hall

In Fire Emblem Three Houses, the Dining Hall is an activity you might opt for during your spare time. You can select up to two students with which to share a meal in the Dining Hall, and any students you share a meal with will have their Motivation levels boosted, meaning they'll take in more knowledge and earn more XP when you next teach them in a lesson.

Sharing a meal with any two students in Fire Emblem Three Houses is an excellent way of increasing their XP gain. If you're looking to level up your students ahead of a battle marked on your calendar, then we'd highly recommend taking to the Dining Hall and sharing a meal with them before you teach them in any lessons.

How to Unlock Share a Meal in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Once you're out of the prologue section and have chosen a house to ally yourself with in Fire Emblem Three Houses, you can begin exploring the Monastery. Head south from your starting position in the Dormitory area, and you'll eventually find Sylvain, with an exclamation mark above his head, denoting a quest to undertake.

Find Sylvain to begin unlocking the Share a Meal option. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Speak to Sylvain, and he'll tell you that he's dying to share a meal with some of the women around the Monastery. He'll ask you to go to the Dining Hall, which is located in the middle of the Monastery, and east of where you find Sylvain.

Once you've reached the Dining Hall, speak to the Dining Staff at the head of the hall. You can either select the option to browse all the food on offer at the Dining Hall, or you can select multiple students with which to share a meal.

Note that the students you opt to share a meal with don't necessarily have to be in the same house as you. So for example, if you allied yourself with the Golden Deer, you could still opt to share a meal with Dedue, one of the members of the Blue Lions.

Once you've shared a meal with any two students of your choosing, you've completed the quest for Sylvain. You've now unlocked the Dining Hall in Fire Emblem Three Houses, and you can return here during your free time to share a meal with any students available.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening

You might not think it at first, but gardening can actually come in pretty handy in Fire Emblem Three Houses. Head down to the Greenhouse if you want to do some gardening, which is situated near the southern end of the Monastery.

Gardening is the main form of crafting in Fire Emblem Three Houses. You can plant seeds, and then have the Greenhouse Keeper cultivate them for you. All seeds take a week to harvest, so you'll need to return a week after you plant any seeds to collect the finished product.

You can plant seeds and fertilize them in the Greenhouse. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

As Fire Emblem Three Houses also lets on, some characters will love flowers as a gift. If you're ever in need of charming anyone in the game, it might be a good idea to come to the Greenhouse and fetch some flowers for them.

How to Unlock the Greenhouse in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Once you're out of the prologue section and free to explore the Monastery in Fire Emblem Three Houses, the game opens up a bit more. In the Dormitory area of the Monastery, you'll find Dedue with an exclamation mark above his head, indicating that he's got a quest to give out.

Walk up to Dedue and press A, and he'll ask you to go and grow some seeds for him in the Greenhouse. Walk south from Dedue, and you'll eventually hit the Greenhouse dead ahead of you, in an area with a small pool of water to your left.

Dedue tasks you with planting some seeds. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Enter the Greenhouse, and engage with the Greenhouse Keeper in conversation. In the next menu, choose the 'Plant' option, and then select Dedue's seeds in order to plant the seeds. Now back out and select the 'Cultivate' option, which allows you to choose a buff to apply to the seeds that you're growing (there's only the one available for now).

Now back out of the Greenhouse menu, and Dedue will congratulate you on a job well done. You've now unlocked the Greenhouse for use, and you can return here to garden whenever you please.

Everything You Should Do in the Three Houses Monastery

Every Sunday, as we mentioned previously, you can elect to explore the Monastery in a small free roam period. Below, we've outlined some major tips that you should be following to make the most use of your time when exploring the Monastery.

Look For Items Scattered Around

Seen a small blue light on the floor? This denotes a lost item, that's been left here by another character while exploring the Monastery. It's your job to now track down the unknown person that forgot this item, and give it back to them.

However, Three Houses only gives you clues as to who this person could be. For example, you might find a small wooden carving as a lost item, and the description will tell you that someone who loves wood carvings will have lost this item.

It's now your job to find a student or teacher that has a certain affinity for wood carvings. If you can pair the right item with the correct person, you'll increase their motivation levels, as well as giving your support level with them a nice boost.

Talk to Faculty Members to Boost Byleth's Stats

This is pretty easy to miss in the early goings of Fire Emblem Three Houses. While you're exploring the Monastery, Byleth can talk to both students and teachers alike to take part in some special training.

This special training will use up one Activity Point, but it will give a boost to some of Byleth's skill levels. For example, if you talk to Alois, he can give you some special training in the art of using an axe, which will give you a boost to the axe level of Byleth.

Complete Side Quests to Get Items for Cooking

While you're exploring the Monastery, you might see a character with a red exclamation mark above their head. This denotes a quest available to be undertaken by Byleth. The quest could be a battle paralogue, or it could be as simple as tracking down a few particular items for the character that are scattered around the Monastery.

More often than not, tracking down items around the Monastery for a character will give you cooking-related items as a reward for completing the quest. While completing a side quest like this will give Byleth some XP, you'll also get items like tomatoes and onions, that can be used with the head chef in the Dining Hall for cooking up new meals with various characters.

Always Take Part in the Tournament

The Tournament grounds can be located just north of the starting dormitory area in the Monastery. Every calendar month in Fire Emblem Three Houses, a new tournament will take place here, which you can enter one of your students in at a time.

Although this does use up an Activity Point, it's actually a really great way to earn some money. It's your job to pick the best character suited for the particular tournament, which could focus on axe or sword skills for example, and hope they can defeat one opponent after another until they've beaten every foe.

For every foe that the entered student defeats, they'll earn you money. Note that they don't have to win the tournament to earn you a payout, so don't be afraid to enter a weaker student that doesn't stand much of a chance of outright winning the tournament.

Talk to House Leaders at Every Opportunity

Every single time you explore the Monastery, make sure you track down and speak to Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude, no matter which house you're allied with. You never know when they're going to present you with some secret side missions, some of which could even affect the ending of the game! (no spoilers here).

Give Gifts to Raise Motivation and Support Levels

We mentioned finding lost items on the floor around the Monastery, but there's always a chance that the blue light on the ground could give you a gift item instead. For example, you could pick up a random bunch of flowers on the floor, which a character who likes flowers would obviously like to receive as a gift.

With a gift item in your inventory, approach the character you'd like to present it to. Select the 'Gift' option, and you'll see a list of acquired gift items that you can present them with. Next to each item, there's a star rating system that denotes how much a character would like an item if they receive it from you as a gift. The more a character likes a gift, the more their motivation levels will increase, as well as their support level with Byleth.

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