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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: episode 1 focuses on Midgar, and we have battle gameplay details

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is expected to be big enough to span two Blu-Rays.

During Square Enix's E3 presentation, it was announced that the first episode of Final Fantasy 7 - which will focus on the Midgar section of the game.

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Some gameplay footage was shown off during the presentation.

Each press of square results in a slash of the Buster Sword. You'll fill up your ATB gauge with standard attacks, which lets you enter tactical mode and choose moves from the command menu.

ATB charges can be used to attack with magic or use items, too. You can switch between characters and choose when and how to use ATB. It's a mix of real-time and strategic fighting, basically - when you use ATB the action will pause while you make your tactical decisions.

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We've seen the fight against the Scorpion Sentinel, showing the combat system in action. Switching between characters and attacks looks pretty fluid - at one point the Scorpion grabs Cloud and Barret needs to attack to free him.

It's still recognisably Final Fantasy 7, despite having a combat system that looks closer to FF15. At one point Cloud and Barret hunker down behind debris, taking cover while the scorpion charges up an attack, which is an interesting new wrinkle. The boss fight looks longer and more involved than it was in the original.

A second trailer was also released, which showed Tifa in action.

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The game is playable at E3. Expect more details soon.

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