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Final Fantasy 15's action gameplay doesn't mean end of command-based combat, says Square

Final Fantasy 15's debut gameplay trailer may have shown off a ton of realtime combat full of sword combat and acrobatic madness, but it doesn't mean Square-Enix is moving away from command-based combat altogether, brand director Shinji Hashimoto has said.

If you missed the Final Fantasy 15 combat trailer you can watch it again here.

Speaking with OXM, Hashimoto said, "As you are aware, Final Fantasy series has different mechanics in each title.

"Each time the development team for that title review the appropriate game system, and for Final Fantasy XV we have the action-packed system, but that does not mean the next game will be similar. We're very looking forward to feedback from the fans on how they like the action packed gameplay.

"I believe that there's future for both action based RPG and command based RPG. It's not that we aren't thinking about the future of command based Final Fantasy, but we think that the action based combat fits Versus XV."

To Square's team, real-time combat just seemed to fit Final Fantasy 15's world and style. Hashimoto added, "Action-based RPG fits Final Fantasy XV and that is why we chose to do it like this. I want a game that is easy to play and therefore I asked the development team to be flexible with the difficulty, and I want to make sure that fans are not disappointed.

"I want you to understand that the Final Fantasy is always evolving, and always challenging, and this is a positive change we made for Final Fantasy XV."

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