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Final Fantasy 14 Update 3.3 Revenge of the Horde includes new dungeons, housing additions

The next content update for Final Fantasy 14 will include the Aquapolis dungeon, housing updates and much more.


Final Fantasy 14 Update 3.3 Revenge of the Horde to include new dungeons, housing additions

During Naoki Yoshida's latest Letter from the Producer Live, some of the contents of Patch 3.3 Revenge of the Horde, were detailed with more information to be released in the weeks to come.

The patch will include the final chapter of the Dragonsong War and will introduce new beast tribe quests involving moogles and dragons. The developers are keeping the quest area "secret" for the time being.

Side quests will include the continuation of the Anima weapon series and more Hildibrand adventures will be added. Sohr Khai will be part of the main scenario quest series.

Two new dungeons will be available in patch 3.3 such as the Deep Dungeon - The Palace of the Dead. As players delve deeper into this dungeon, the environment will change and there will be bosses to fight. Some "special" bosses will also appear on multiple floors.

There will be duty finder matchmaking for the area and balanced based on four players. It can be played solo, but will be a great challenge. Players who fail to reach the next check point before defeat will have to start over from the last autosave. The special weapons, one of which can be seen glowing a screenshot below, can be taken out of the dungeon and used other content.

The ability to upgrade weapons as the dungeon is "challenged" will be added, and along with items which can only be used inside this dungeon.

Another new dungeon, the Aquapolis, will appear randomly when players uncover a Dragonskin Map. Once the entrance appears, those who enter the structure will find the layout "isn't random" but finding the final room will take some luck. This is battle content and not gathering-related, so prepare to fight.

New trials, including an Extreme version, will be added and the next phase of the Void Ark alliance raid series is The Weeping City of Mhach. As with the The Palace of the Dead, the deeper the raid area is explored, the more the environment will differ. Magic is being used as an energy source here and players will be tasked with climbing a large pyramid.

The raid finder will allow players to set various requirements to join in, specific details such as practice or clear can be denoted.

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) has been taken over by Maelstrom and turned into a "training ground of sorts." Players will still be able to fight the octopus.

A new map will be introduced for Frontlines, known as Field of Glory, and the rules will be similar to those of Seal Rock.

New housing additions and features are also planned with patch 3.3. These include more plots and flowerpots. New flowers will be introduced and these can only be grown in pots. Their colors can be changed, but crossbreeding by placing pots next to each other won't be an option as the flowerpots aren't part of gardening.

Finally, Yoshida said the team is still looking into adding a Cross World Party Finder. He said it will be a bit tricky since players will want to chat beforehand and discuss strategies.

"I think we can make it happen for Patch 3.5 based on the work that would need to be done for it," he said. "We're currently creating lobbies for cross-world Triple Triad and other Gold Saucer games to make them more accessible."

A release date was not provided for Final Fantasy 14 update 3.3 Revenge of the Horde, but more information as well as plot pricing will be be made available on the Lodestone soon. A Yo-Kai Watch in-game item collaboration is also in the works.









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