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Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood update and more details on patch 3.55a

More info about Final Fantasy 14 patch 3.55a revealed at Fan Fest 2017.

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Final Fantasy 14 patch 3.55a is coming next week, and we got more info on what we can expect during Fan Fest 2017's Letter from the Producer stage event.

Alex sums it up in his video above, but if you're some place you can't watch a video, however discreetly, then here's a list of what's incoming on Tuesday, February 28.

  • Final Anima weapon story quests
  • Proto Ultima Battle
    • Rewards will be iLV270 accessories but details on how to encounter Proto Ultima are being kept under wraps and won't be included in the patch notes. The hunt is on
  • The Feast PvP mode
    • New Maps
    • Sudden Death replaces Draw
    • New Items & Adjustments
    • Season 3 Ends and Season 4 Pre-season beings
  • Zhloe Aliapoh custom deliveries
    • New content specifically for crafters and gatherers. Introduces new NPC that will have more available interactions across future updates

There were questions on character creation options - specifically a butt slider - but there are no current plans for these options.

For those wondering, the patch is numbered 3.55a as opposed to 3.55 because the team has encountered a bug in a new raid within Diadem. So for now, patch 3.55a will release on February 28, and the bug will be ironed out for a March 7 - 14 release of patch 3.55b.

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