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Double Fine's former COO launches new crowdfunding platform with investor option for fans

A new crowdfunding initiative has waltzed onto the scene, and it's called Fig. It's got some big names behind it as well.


Formed by former Double Fine COO Justin Bailey, unlike Kickstarter, Fig focuses exclusively on games and will only include projects which have been reviewed by the firm's "board of experts," according to Wired.

Those sitting on Fig's advisory board include not just anyone: it's made up of development studio heads such as Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, inXile’s Brian Fargo, and Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart.

Fig will combine "rewards-based crowdfunding with equity investing." How this works, is those who support a game will not only be granted rewards, but accredited investors will also earn a share of the game's revenue upon release.

Bailey said eventually, campaigns will be opened up to "non-accredited investors," which means fans will also be able to invest in a project and reap the monetary benefits.

“Look at what happened to Oculus,” he said. “It was sold to Facebook for 2 billion dollars, and the people who were involved, the superfans who were getting behind Oculus to make that possible, they didn’t see any of that. It would seem like they should, since they had a pivotal role in that coming about.”

Developers will be able to choose whether to offer rewards, similar to the tiers on other crowdfunding sites, or to offer an investment opportunity.

Fargo, Schafer and Urquhart will also support Fig by putting their next titles on the site, so expect to see inXile, Double Fine and Obsidian projects posted in the future.

The first title to launch on Fig is called Outer Wilds. The 2015 IGF Grand Prize winner is a space exploration game from Mobius Digital.

Outer Wilds is described as an "equal parts astrophysics simulation, narrative adventure, and backpacking in space," title. Think of it as "Majora’s Mask meets Apollo 13", according to the description.

Basically, players will be part of a space program start-up charged with exploring an untamed, constantly changing solar system.

The project is seeking $125,000 and 18 supporters have already pledged $35,005 with 30 days left of the funding clock as of press time.

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