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Fallout: New Vegas mod has high production values, 2000 lines of dialogue

Autumn Leaves is not just another Fallout: New Vegas mod. It's a professional-looking add-on with new content, perks, music, and new story endings.


According to the makers of Fallout: Autumn Leaves, the mod is a DLC-sized, seven-hour long add-on to Fallout: New Vegas that features over 2000 lines of dialogue.

Autumn Leaves adds a new area, in the form of a library, sealed off for centuries where only automatons roam. Through eight new quests, you will be able to solve a murder mystery, unlock new perks, and see one of several endings.

The mod goes live tomorrow, October 1, and you can download it from here. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer and marvel at the art direction in the screens below.

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