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Fallout: Lanius fan film hits funding goal, first teaser trailer live

Fallout: Lanius is the incoming fan-made film that explores the backstory of Fallout: New Vegas villain Legate Lanius. It has smashed its IndieGoGo funding goal and to celebrate the team has released the movie's first teaser trailer into the wild. Check it out here.

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From Encryption Films, Fallout: Lanius has hit $12,098 of its $10,000 funding goal with 8 of its IndieGoGo project still to go. The film is due in 2013.

Director Wade K. Savage said of the project's funding success, “We couldn’t be more appreciative of the people that have supported us. Now, I want to see if we can make our stretch goals and really make something amazing for the Fans”.

Check out the clip above. What do you think of the concept? Let us know below.

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